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Maria Luise Lehmann

Conference Interpreter
Interpreter / Translator.


Member of the Professional Conference Interpreters Association in the Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators, Germany (Verband der Konferenzdolmetscher im Bundesverband der Dolmetscher und Übersetzer, VKD-BDUE)

An experienced conference interpreter, I offer the following professional services:

I am available on an individual basis or as a member of a team. I also provide advice on the best way to organise the interpreting.

  • simultaneous interpretation (booth)
  • at conferences, seminars etc. in Germany and abroad
  • simultaneous interpretation (whispered)
  • during business trips, tours of works and similar deployments in Germany and abroad (see photo)
  • consecutive interpretation
  • during meetings and for after-dinner speeches, in court, for notaries public, solicitors, lawyers, etc. in Berlin, in Germany and abroad

    My mother language is German, and my working languages are English and Russian. I interpret in the following language combinations:

    • English – German, German – English
    • Russian – German, German – Russian
    • English – Russian, Russian – English

    My special fields comprise:

    • business and finance
    • architecture and construction industry
    • industry und technology
    • information technology
    • pharmaceuticals
    • environmental technology
    • transport
    • international institutions
    • politics, development policy
    • health and social policy
    • education and training
  • and much more
  • Advice (non-binding) also on remote inte­rpreting and remote simultaneous interpr­eting (RSI) during hybrid events (limited number of particip­ants on site) and on­line events - see # Services, 3rd paragr­aph.