Designing optimum communication

I should be pleased to interpret for you at conferences, seminars, during business meetings, tours of facilities, and for after-dinner speeches, in court etc. I can be of assistance to you either alone or as a member of your team of conference interpreters or should be happy to put together a team of conference interpreters tailored to your event. I am part of a long-standing network of well-versed interpreters.

Based on my long professional experience, I should be pleased to recommend you equipment best suited to the needs of your team of interpreters.

I can put you in contact with the proven suppliers of interpreting equipment or else obtain quotations for your specific needs on your behalf using the new possibilities, if applicable: Hub or studio at the conference venue, at your company/organization or at a technology provider. For example, you might need booths for simultaneous interpretation, public address systems, microphones for panel speakers and for the floor, etc..

Especially for remote interpreting and remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI) interpreters need a very good transmission of sound and image. Remote interpreting from a hub or studio via a platform such as Zoom ensures very good video and audio quality with password protection and encrypted transmission.

For guided tours and consultations with small groups in premises that are too restricted for interpreting booths, I can offer you my chuchotage (whisper) equipment for the wireless transmission of the interpreted speech (Sennheiser, microphone/transmitter, lightweight headphones for up to 20 persons).

Customs and traditions differ from country to country. One of the many advantages of hiring a seriously professional interpreter is advice on how to avoid cross-cultural misunderstandings.

My background:

  • Many years of regular interpreting, over 2,500 conference days
  • Regular participation in seminars on law, marketing, medicine, finance etc. – see Education and Training under References.
  • Intensive refresher course in Conference Interpretation at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Great Britain (2008)
  • Intensive refresher courses in Conference Interpretation at St. Catherine’s College, University of Cambridge, Great Britain (1999, 1995, 1994) for English and Russian
  • One academic year at the renowned Foreign Language Institute "Maurice Thorez", Moscow (now: Moscow State Linguistic University)
  • Flexibility and a talent for coping with stress
  • Always keen to be a member of a team
Simultandolmetscherin Maria-Luise Lehmann "Europa Seminar" of the German Management Academy of Lower Saxony (DMAN), Celle, 22 July 2004

Simultandolmetscherin Maria-Luise Lehmann Simultaneous whisper and consecutive interpreting during visit to the Drinking water treatment plant Friedrichshagen (Berlin) by students of the UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education, Environmental Engineering & Water Technology, The Netherlands, May 2015

For a more personal impression and further details, please call +49(0)30 45 60 65 55, or send me an email. If this is more convenient for you use my contact form. I shall be pleased to give you an individual offer.